ABeam Consulting

Purpose / Goal

Digital technology has completely disrupted the existing markets and the corporate landscape. Yesterday’s leaders can no longer rely on their existing competitive advantage to sustain in this digital economy.
We believe that understanding the consequential irreversible impacts of digital technology and strategically leveraging digital technology to create a blueprint for transformation will play an important role for all the industries.
Under such circumstances, we think that developing a DX Vision is essential. It helps you foresee your company’s future state of affairs rather than just an extension to the status quo.

Many companies today are working on a "defensive DX" focused on preserving their long-term survival. In the future, we expect them to shift to an "aggressive DX", by using digital technology to transform business models and create new business opportunities for the next long-term shift in their industry.
For such companies to advance quickly and successfully to an "aggressive DX", they need to have a "DX Vision" that embraces both business and digital goals and engages the organization in achieving that outcome.
In summary a "DX Vision" needs:
1. Definition of the future: Envision the future business environment based on the social changes (lifestyles and values, economic trends, technological trends, etc.) that digital technology will bring.
2. Future values and business structures: Describe the values and business structures that you want to achieve in the future business environment with the help of digital technology.
3. DX scenario: Exemplify the path for establishing new value and business structure.
ABeam Consulting supports you to create the “DX Vision” that will be resilient and will thrive in the digital age.

Key points ond DX Vision formulation