• Supporting human capital management that drives business portfolio transformation

    ABeam Consulting provides side-by-side support to clients seeking a human capital management approach. Our support ranges from identifying the most important HR challenges and achieving a business portfolio transformation, to formulating a transformation vision, proposing and executing specific measures.

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  • Supporting GX (Green Transformation) through business risk reduction and new business generation for carbon neutrality

    ABeam Consulting supports clients in building the GX management cycle, which covering long-term strategy and roadmap formulation, evaluation, and strategy revisions. We are also ready to support clients in constructing business models adapted to the new opportunities of a post-carbon society.

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  • Supporting sustainability management for sustained financial and non-financial growth

    ABeam Consulting provides comprehensive support for your company’s management agenda. We contribute to sustainability management on financial and non-financial axes and society-wide transformations.

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  • Creating the future together with DX

    ABeam Consulting helps clients create a vision for what they want to achieve through DX. We work with them to establish scenarios for reaching their goal and engines that drive these scenarios forward.

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