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DX Talent

"The essence of digital transformation (DX) is in the "X" (transformation).
The key to success in realizing DX is the creation of a digital human capital portfolio that functions as a team of people who demonstrate "D" = the ability to utilize digital technology and "X" = the ability to change.

It’s the people who can realize DX. For DX Vision to permeate throughout the organization, both Senior management and frontline personnel must support the digital transformation. To drive the capability of digital transformation, new roles, and duties should be carved out, such as personnel who may pursue “Aggressive DX” and those that may pursue “Defensive DX”.

Paradigm shift among all who make transformation happen, not just management, but mid-level and on-the-ground workplace DX personnel
Human resource profile needed for aggressive DX promotion (example)

However, finding and holding on to human resources who can advance DX is an arduous undertaking. Management structure and corporate culture that have placed a premium on the economic efficiency of existing business operations can be hurdles especially when the companies haven’t attracted fresh talent and cultivated rich foundation to expand and strengthen their abilities.

Bottlenecks for Japanese companies in securing DX human resources

ABeam Consulting will help build a new human resource management model and establish a corporate culture that will create diverse talent pool to drive DX and bring about personal and organizational growth by applying transformational practices across the organizational boundaries.

Build personnel management frameworks conducive to discovering DX talent, optimally applying skills, fostering a transformative corporate culture