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Data & Technology

The digital transformation that companies need to undertake today must transcend beyond simply introducing digital tools or digitalizing existing analog systems. The companies need to transform itself through digital technology. Merely defining DX goals, and creating DX scenarios is not enough. Companies need to improve their ability to use data and technology. They need to understand what the emerging technology trends, what data needs to be collected, how to leverage the data by combining it with right technology that benefits them and their customers.

Companies must acquire the following data and technology expertise
- Business Applications
- Technology Infrastructure
- IT architecture
- Provision of a comprehensive platform linking internal and external corporate functions
- Enterprise security
- Data management and analytics
With our strong technology partnerships, our professions' expertise in diverse technologies, and our depth and breadth of consulting experience, we help companies succeed in transforming their business with our client services ranging from strategy formulation to operation & maintenance.


ABeam Consulting supports customers with its extensive experience and knowledge.
We will introduce you to the solutions that will help you realize your DX most effectively.