Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2018-19

Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2018-19

We are delighted to inform you that ABeam Public Relations Report 2018-2019 has been published, providing the viewpoints expressed by our frontline consultants on problem resolution and others.

ABeam Public Relations Report 2018-2019

Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2018-19

We have now entered the age of VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity.
In order to survive, many com
panies are faced with having to engage in digital transformation using advanced technologies. Compared to China and the West, Japan’s initiatives are said to lag behind
—but what, exactly, is necessary for digital transformation?
At ABeam Consulting, our analysis incorporates the concept of “Connected Enterprises”
—which we believe to be the future of digital transformation.

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Table of Contents

[Message from Management]
We aim to create Connected Enterprises via an ecosystem that transforms businesses

[ABeam Consulting’s Perspectives : Five viewpoints for managing digital natives]
 - Riding the wave of digital transformation and strengthening the earning power of Japanese companies
 - Using issue-driven data to move toward Connected Enterprises
 - A future defined by Japan’s digital labor, which continues to evolve and spread in a unique manner
 - Ideal customer experiences point the way to the future for companies when it’s designed from a company-spanning perspective

[Special Feature : True corporate value and a means of survival in the face of the rapidly changing competitive environment]
 - A once in a century transformation Grasping shifts in competition modalities to change threats into opportunities
 - Coming dramatic changes What should the energy industry be doing?

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