CCX: Customer Concierge eXperience


CCX is a mobile application to support your dealership staff to improve your customers’ engagement experience and gain additional insights about your prospects without adding workload for data entry. It can integrate with your dealership management system to support a seamless CRM experience.

Information about your products, your leads, and your customer appointments are accessible at the tip of your fingers.


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Collect Data Along the Customer Journey

Data collection is performed naturally as interactions happen with the leads. From the moment they enter the dealership, you can register your leads and slowly build their profile throughout their customer journey. 


Pic2_Collect Data Along the Customer Journey

ABeam’s market study of consumer behavior shows that most decisions for which brand to choose for a car purchase are made either during the visit, during the test drive or after the showroom visit.

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From the point of deciding to buy a car to making a final decision regarding which brand to buy, the window to influence for 72% of customers is less than two months. CCX can help dealerships maximize effectiveness from visits within that decision timeframe.

Identify the most successful Customer Journey Patterns

By analyzing collected data from different dealerships and interactions with customers, CCX allows you to map the most effective interactions, to spread best practice and avoid low performing practices throughout the entire dealer network.

Pic4_Identify the most successful Customer Journey Patterns

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