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Generate new value in the world of sports and entertainment that people find stirring and aspirational

Building an ecosystem for the creation of new value

The advent of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games is bringing about a heightened interest in sports. But the fact remains that the sports industry has yet to reach maturity as a business. In order to overcome these circumstances, it will be necessary to create new value that heightens the appeal of the sports industry. That will require a correct understanding of customer needs.

The customer base of the sports industry is made up of those who perform (the players), those who watch (the spectators) and those who support (managers, coaches, etc.). Surrounding this customer base, there are five categories of industry player. These include the content holders—the clubs and leagues to which players, managers and coaches belong. Then there are the government administrative authorities, which support the sports industry from a policy standpoint. Stadiums and arenas provide the physical venues for sports events. Sports promotion firms provide merchandise and services to the sports and sponsorship industries. And the media convey sports-related information.
In order to generate new value, it will be necessary to forge connections among the content and strengths of these industry players in ways that make it possible to provide products and services that meet the needs of those who perform, those who watch and those who support.

By connecting sports industry players in this way, ABeam Consulting helps build the ecosystems in which new value is generated. In doing so, our aim is to invigorate the sports industry as a whole.

Building an ecosystem for the creation of new value

Resolving issues for each industry player category

While generating value within these ecosystems is crucial, so is resolving issues for each category of industry player. At ABeam Consulting, we are able to leverage our strengths as a comprehensive consulting firm to provide a full menu of services that help resolve issues.

Resolving issues for each industry player category

From all of the services in this menu, we have packaged performance analysis, talent management, marketing support and other services utilizing IT and data into our ABeam Sports Solution.


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