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In the rapidly changing business environment, demand for a cloud service is increasing as an effective means of improving human resources value directly linked to further business growth. However, as full-scale implementation takes cost and time, most of companies start with the visualization of employee information as the first step.

ABeam Consulting provides a quick Implementation service for the SAP Cloud Solution "SAP® SuccessFactors®", and will support the first step of reforming core HR & talent management for a fast deployment at a lower cost using their Packaged solutions.

ABeam Template for SAP® SuccessFactors®

“ABeam Template for SAP SuccessFactors” that combines the leading SAP SuccessFactors Best Practices with the extensive know-how and experience of ABeam Consulting.

Available Packages *2019

“ABeam Template for SAP SuccessFactors” delivers out of the box pre-configured packages in the following modules

Solution Packages include

Global/Local Field Definition Templates
Dashboard/Report Templates
RBP Templates

Training Materials
System Admin Manuals
End User Guides

Solution Packages include

Traditional Approach vs. SAP® SuccessFactors® Accelerate

Traditional Approach

SAP® SuccessFactors® Accelerate

Scoped to Customer Requirements

Maturity Assessment Defines Starting point

Scope creep and Unpredictable Costs

Fixed Fee with Lower TCI

Wide Range of Functionality

Most Common / Best Practice Processes

Design and Build all at Once

Start with Foundation and Expand Over Time

Months / Years to Deploy

Weeks to Deploy

6 reasons for choosing the ABeam Accelerate Solution

RUN Simpler 

Combines the cost of subscription, implementation and support into an easy-to understand fixed price pricing model.

 RUN Cheaper

Reducing the total cost of ownership

RUN Faster 

Based on our Rapid Deployment Solutions for SAP SuccessFactors, enabling a faster implementation cycle

 RUN Safer

Based on a fixed scope, fixed price model, securing full transparency in terms of a low risk scope and cost

RUN Better

Easily combined with advisory services helping the business to align with best practices

 RUN Now

Makes your company’s transformation to cloud as easy and effective as you would like

- ABeam, your HR Digital Transformation Partner -

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