Enhanced support in the personnel training field in Southeast Asia

~RPA/OCR online training service begins~

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Tatsuya Kamoi, President) in November 2020 began offering full availability of RPA/OCR Tool On-line Training for Southeast Asia, an online training service for local firms and Japanese subsidiaries in Southeast Asia. Intended to promote digitization among companies in Southeast Asia and to support them in their personnel training efforts, the service enables trainees to acquire robotic process automation (RPA) and optical character recognition (OCR) development skills anywhere and anytime in a remote environment.

Through lectures and exercises informed by development expertise based on ABeam's track record of implementation at more than 300 companies, the service helps trainees acquire basic development skills and the practical abilities necessary to achieve business process automation. The service introduces some of the know-how used in applying RPA/OCR to business transformation, and the skills it helps them acquire will therefore be of use to Southeast Asian businesses as they advance their DX efforts.

Available languages and prices are listed below.

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For details, please contact either of the following.

Contact point for this service:
Koga Manabu,   makoga@abeam.com
Yamaguchi Hiroki,  hiryamaguchi@abeam.com

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