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About Us

ABeam Consulting started business in Indonesia in the first half of 2000s. In 2011, PT. ABeam Consulting Indonesia was established as the base in Indonesia of ABeam Consulting, a global consulting firm that originated in Japan and in Asia.
We provide consulting services to solve corporate issues, using every method, including information systems, business processes and business strategies, working as one single team with the client in order to realize solutions throughout the organization from the management to staff on the ground.
Taking advantage of ABeam Consulting’s experience in a huge number of projects throughout the world, here in Indonesia as well, we contribute to increase the value of Indonesian and foreign companies, including Japanese companies.

Managing Director Message

We solve management issues and engage in every activity to achieve the goal together with our clients as “Real Partner”.

We believe that the Indonesian economy will continue to grow in the future, although there may be some slowdowns due to negative factors such as the social infrastructure, labor market, security, and uncertain political climate.

Many local and global companies are well established in the market and enjoy the profits associated with economic growth. In the face of recent cost increase, it is critical to elaborate more effective corporate management system.

Among those companies that have entered into the market in recent years, many of them are facing difficulties such as the rapid cost increase that exceed their assumptions and insufficient performance as they apply the model of success in other countries.

ABeam Consulting Indonesia firstly understands the management issues of client. The effective approach and appropriate team are proposed to solve those issues.
We do not stop at proposing a paper plan. We will contribute to our clients as their Real Partner to achieve the goal together and never to give up until the mission is completed.

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