CSR Report 2019

We have issued [CSR Report 2019] which summarizes the work of ABeam Consulting's CSR activities.




CSR Report 2019

Table of Contents

CEO Interview~Collective impact~

CSR at ABeam Consulting
Our CSR Policy
・Collective impact:Initiatives to achieve SDGs

Human Resources at ABeam Consulting
Our human resources development contributes to solving social issues

Building social infrastructure to alleviate damage or disaster
・Affordable and sustainable transport systems for all through stabilising the public transport system
・Energy savings and CO2 reductions through refined air conditioning management
・Fostering future possibilities for children in low income countries
・Delivering clean water and good hygiene to everyone everywhere
・Contributing to regional revitalization by promoting the Hometown Tax Donation program
・Leveraging consulting expertise to solve social issues
・ABeam conducts various activities related to CSR and SDGs


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