We support the efforts of healthcare services to overcome the challenges of an aging, declining population

As Japan's population declines and develops ultra-aged demographic status, the healthcare, medical and nursing care fields have come to represent critical components of national infrastructure that can no longer be treated as discreet entities. Meanwhile, efforts at unified transformation of social welfare and taxation systems are moving forward as the public and private sectors are required to join forces to put limited resources to effective use.

By putting our rich accumulation of know-how and solutions to maximum use, ABeam Consulting is able to take an approach that stresses support that is both “upstream” (design and proposal of specific measures) and “downstream” (upgrades to infrastructure, hospital administration and other management).

・Hospital information systems reconstruction/implementation support
・Hospital functional evaluation systems implementation support
・Hospital functional evaluation support
・Departmental systems implementation support
・Project management, CIO support
・Management upgrade plan formulation, execution support
・Healthcare policy-related survey research

・BSC implementation support
・Medium-term plan formulation support
・Joint purchasing implementation support
・Regional healthcare social welfare plan formulation support
・New hospital basic visioning, basic plan formulation support
・Regional healthcare implementation partnership support

Track record

・Hospital information systems (electronic medical charts, departmental systems, etc.) reconstruction support (hospitals run by local government, independent administrative corporation)
・Medical device procurement support (national university-affiliated hospital)
・BI systems implementation support (national university-affiliated hospital)
・BPR, streamlining support (hospitals run by local government)
・Regional health and welfare plan formulation support (regional local government)
・Regional healthcare-related implementation support (regional local government)
・Management transformation/upgrade support (hospitals run by local government)
・Management strategy formulation, administrative management operations (hospitals run by local government, independent administrative corporation)
・Performance evaluation & balance scorecard implementation support (hospitals run by local government)
・Medium-term plan formulation support (healthcare corporation)
・Basic visioning & plan formulation (hospitals run by local government)
・Joint purchasing implementation support (hospital group)
・Healthcare policy-related survey research operation (central government, independent administrative corporation)
・Project management (hospitals run by local governments, independent administrative corporation)

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