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Effective solutions to management issues that impact the enhancement of international competitiveness, including business rationalization & streamlining

Companies engaged in fierce global market competition must respond to market changes with alacrity. We help them do so by taking on a wide range of management issues relevant to strengthening international competitiveness, beginning with supply chain optimization on a global level.

ABeam Consulting provides effective solutions enabling business rationalization and streamlining in high-tech industries. We do this through measures including acceleration of manufacturing & sales integration, construction of SCM as an infrastructure system, and early adoption of consolidated business reporting in keeping with international standards. In addition, our superb enterprise architecture construction support capabilities are backed by a wealth of experience in constructing and implementing infrastructure systems, primarily ERP.

  • Supply chain transformation
  • Administrative, operational and systems strategy formulation
  • Thoroughgoing BPR using ERP
  • Systems integration accompanying M&A
  • ABC earnings & cost management implementation
  • Cost-cutting feasibility assessment
  • Strategic purchasing & supplier management implementation
  • Shared service implementation
  • Consideration of business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • R&D portfolio strategy, new product development process transformation
  • Marketing channel development strategy formulation


  • Sales strategy formulation, BPR
  • Customer loyalty management, CRM process construction
  • SFA package implementation
  • Call center set-up support
  • J-SOX compliance support
  • Internal control & IT control consulting
  • SAP global & group rollout
  • Global business management consulting
  • Global SCM consulting
  • After-sale parts management consulting with SAP
  • Global personnel management consulting

Track record

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