Business model transformation through broad-ranging consulting support informed by high-level expertise

The shift toward digital and mobile technologies that has accelerated growth in smart device use pressures every telecommunications firm to make drastic strategic changes. The competition among telecommunications firms to expand economic zones in which they are active is one factor that promotes convergence among various industries and business types. Telecommunications, broadcasting and Internet service have, in fact, already merged into a unified market.

The prominence of new media, typified by online streaming and news apps, is shaking traditional media players to their foundations.

So many of today’s trending keywords, like “5G,” “IoT,” “AI,” “robotics” and “VR,” are centered in the domain of telecommunications and media. This is a good indication that in order to discern future growth in this drastically changing market, the critical factor is the extent to which a company can construct business models that transcend boundaries between industries and business categories.

The professionals at ABeam Consulting benefit from high-level expertise and broad-ranging consulting experience, which they leverage to provide uniform support services from strategy formulation to execution.

Services provided

  • Support for launch of mobile services using satellite broadcasting (satellite devices)
  • Business strategy formulation support for overseas MVNO network device business (telecomms devices)
  • SDN market entry strategy formulation (telecomms devices)
  • IT infrastructure reconstruction for music distribution business enhancement (entertainment)
  • Budget management systems reconstruction to accommodate business portfolio changes (advertising agency)
  • Strategy analysis for a major global telecommunications carrier (telecomms device firm)
  • Next-generation IT visioning for online business expansion (game producer)
  • CRM strategy formulation & execution support for the SOHO market segment (telecomms carrier)
  • Self-driving vehicle / connected car market entry strategy formulation (telecomms carrier)
  • Customer data dashboard construction (advertising agency)


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