Uniform support for a financial institution, from design to implementation, of a strategy for successful global competition

Amid major changes in economic and competitive environments, a financial institution was seeking the ability to supply information that would enable speedy development and offering of services with high added value, and enable managers to make prompt decisions. Numerous requirements also included the need for more sophisticated risk/compliance/business management to comply with international financial regulations, money-laundering prevention measures and international accounting standards.

ABeam Consulting offers a wide range of services to help resolve such issues for financial institutions, including support for business launches, IT planning, implementation and business deployment, BPR, enhancement of administrative management (financial & management accounting), management integration and business revitalization.

Menu of key services

Taking advantage of our many years’ experience in the banking and securities industries, and our global networks, we can provide uniform services ranging from strategy design to execution.

Category Services provided
Management strategy
  • Management/business strategy formulation
  • Sales/marketing strategy formulation
  • Systems integration visioning support
  • Operations center integration visioning support
  • New business launch / overseas start-up support
Management transformation
  • Comprehensive BPR
  • Overseas location (systems/business process) integration support (from planning to execution phases)
  • Support for pricing support and risk management enhancement in keeping with Basel III
  • Profit structure transformation (cost reduction, etc.)
  • Securities valuation
  • Support for disposal of bad debt
Accounting finance & Administrative management
  • Building accounting processes, building/revising systems for International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Account settlement process construction support (consolidated, SEC-compliant
  • Support for enhancing management accounting (productivity analysis / profit, price, risk management)
  • Operational support systems construction support (personnel management, collective approval of financial
  • Financial accounting system (ERP package) implementation
  • Financial accounting BPO support (U.S./JPGAAP, consolidated)
  • Internal control implementation/evaluation support
  • Global consolidated management infrastructure construction support
Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • CRM foundation, integrated customer database visioning support
  • Marketing support (customer, product analysis, etc.)
  • Customer contact enhancement support
IT management
  • IT cost optimization support (supplier consolidation, IT cost analysis)
  • IT visioning (support for building IT governance)
  • System development project PMO support
  • RFI/RFP formulation
  • Vendor selection support


Track record

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Jibun Bank Corporation
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