Transformative business support ranging from business strategy formulation to BPR and information systems reconstruction

The travel & transport services industry demands increasingly sophisticated mainstay service operations, operational streamlining, as well as accurate and absolutely safe travel and transportation. In addition, sophisticated management is also required in order to realize the synergies that can be generated with a wide range of other business operations, such as office, shopping, hotel and leisure services, and community development. Foreign visitors have been traveling to Japan in increasing numbers in recent years, and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will further boost inbound demand. Railways are responding with an accelerating trend toward exporting their services abroad. Logistics services in Asian markets are growing prominently, for example, further boosting the need for transformation.

At ABeam Consulting, we leverage our many years’ accumulated knowledge and experience in the travel & transport services industry to provide comprehensive consulting services that uniformly cover the full range of need, from business strategy design support to execution. We support companies in every aspect of the transformations this industry demands.

Services provided

・ Management strategy
   Corporate/business strategy design
   Group management / global strategy
   New business strategy / marketing strategy

・ Management transformation
   Business plan formulation
   New business model implementation

・ Accounting finance and administrative management
   Administrative management refinement
   BPR using RPA
   Big Data analysis/research with BI Analytics
   Consolidated global administrative management enhancement
   IFRS compliance support
   Internal control (J-SOX) / GRC
   Internal control BPO

・Asset management (facilities management service)
   Facilities management maturity diagnostics
   Maintenance strategy formulation support
   Facilities management BPR & systems implementation support
   Predictive detection with IoT / BI Analytics

・ Energy management upgrade support

・ IT management systems construction
   IT visioning
   Application strategy
   Systems planning support
   IT cost optimization support
   IT cost optimization support
   PMO support

Track record

  • Support for BPR in the accounting, fixed asset, materials and personnel domains / IT systems visioning, construction operation and maintenance (Railway)
  • Support for BPR and IT systems visioning, construction, operation & maintenance in the group administrative management field (railway, air transport, distribution)
  • Cost price management systems construction, operation and maintenance for various ABeam Logistics Solutions projects (Logistics)
  • Support for real estate management BPR and IT systems construction, operation and maintenance (railway, logistics)
  • Shared services visioning, implementation support (railway, sea transport)
  • Support for safety management upgrade using data analysis (railway)
  • Support for establishment of new railway operation & maintenance firm
  • Aircraft maintenance systems construction support (air transport)
  • New business launch support (air transport)
  • Support for BPR using robotic process automation (RPA; sea transport)
  • New inbound business operations visioning support (travel)
  • Performance management systems reconstruction, accounting BPR (hotel)
  • Energy facilities operational upgrade support (hotel)


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