Retail & Distribution

Visioning support for information systems with a companywide perspective capable of withstanding changes in the external environment

Japan's economy has entered into unknown territory characterized by new factors such as an aging population and declining fertility, the retirement of the Baby Boom generation, etc. The key issue now confronting firms in the distribution industry is deciding on a course that will see them through the paradigm shift of this era of change. In addition to societal factors, the industry also faces increasingly intense competition from online companies with new technologies, and the entry of new forms of business and services from overseas.

At ABeam Consulting, we do more than just developing or adding functions to storefront and back-office (accounting, personnel) systems. Our services include visioning for information systems from a companywide perspective, enabling operations to withstand changes in the external business environment. We respond to the needs of a wide range of business types by focusing on development of a grand design for next-generation total systems and the development of internal control.

  • Supply chain transformation
  • Administrative, operational and systems strategy formulation
  • Thoroughgoing BPR using ERP
  • Systems integration accompanying M&A
  • Cost-cutting feasibility assessment
  • Shared service implementation
  • Consideration of business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Marketing channel development strategy formulation
  • Sales strategy formulation, BPR
  • Customer loyalty management, CRM process construction
  • SFA package implementation
  • Call center set-up support
  • J-SOX law compliance support
  • Personal information management security
  • Administrative visibility through adoption of Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Transformation of product planning (merchandising) operations
  • Product database / content management system (CMS) construction
  • Construction of customer databases and a sales promotion management process
  • Support for enterprise systems construction through SOA+BPM

Track record

  • Companywide BPR (general commercial trading firm, CVS)
  • Building an administrative foundation (department store)
  • Companywide information systems strategy formulation (department store)
  • Customer satisfaction survey/analysis (GMS)
  • Accounting system development and implementation (GMS)
  • Subsidiary management oversight (GMS)
  • Companywide information strategy formulation (CVS)
  • Strategic purchasing & cost management guideline formulation (specialty shops)
  • Merchandising operational transformation (specialty shops)
  • Implementation of new business management methodology for boutique storefronts (specialty shops)
  • Storefront operation standardization (restaurant)
  • Construction of an inventory management system for hotel/tours (tourism industry)
  • Implementation of a purchasing strategy and coordinated electronic purchasing system (service industry)


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