We support clients in laying various foundations to survive and thrive amid global competition

Commercial trading firms are under pressure to leverage their accumulated global networks in ways that renovate and upgrade their capabilities, thereby establishing themselves in the role of the innovator, creating new business with high added value.

ABeam Consulting helps trading houses fulfill this role by supporting them in the establishment of organizational strategies such as business selection and concentration, enhancement of total strength through business collaboration, improved disclosure and corporate governance, creation of a management-check function, and implementation of business unit systems. In diverse ways, we help firms implement the consolidated management systems that form the foundation for earning the recognition of investors and business associates, and winning out in global competition.

  • Internal control upgrade support including group companies
  • Sales unit portfolio revision support
  • Business process standardization/streamlining & ongoing BPR support
  • Global consolidated management infrastructure construction support (organization, systems, process, ERP, infrastructure)
  • SSC implementation
  • Global personnel systems construction
  • Global IT strategy formulation
  • Comprehensive project management support

Track record

  • Medium-term strategy formulation (general commercial trading firm)
  • Companywide BPR (general commercial trading firm, CVS)
  • ERP implementation (general trading firm, pharmaceuticals manufacturer, food products manufacturer, automotive-related manufacturer)

Case study

Control and management of overall group activities as owner and holding com…

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

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