Uniform support from business strategy design to execution to help clients compete successfully in an industry characterized by ongoing diversification of financial services

The leasing industry is currently characterized by firms aiming to seize growth opportunities by more actively pursuing business in overseas markets, while efforts in new fields such as aircraft and real estate are expanding rapidly. Meanwhile, competition in the non-bank finance industry is heating up amid entries into the credit card, consumer credit and consumer finance fields by companies from other business fields. Still further growth can be expected in the near future with the adoption of new payment technologies, expanding compliance and CSR efforts, and the year-to-year increase in cashless service offerings.

With over 30 years’ consulting experience in the leasing/nonbank finance industry, ABeam provides a diverse menu of uniform services ranging from management strategy formulation and BPR support to enterprise infrastructure systems construction, financial accounting, administrative management, IT management and more.

Key service menu

We leverage our many years of experience it leasing & nonbank industry consulting and our global networks to provide uniform services ranging from strategy design to execution.

Category Services provided
Management strategy
  • M&A-related systems integration
  • Business strategy formulation & new business entry support
Accounting finance & Administrative management
  • Business Intelligence (BI) implementation
  • Risk management enhancement (credit rating model construction, marketing measures upgrade)
  • Management accounting & administrative management enhancement support
  • Support for prompt handling of account settlement
  • Debt liquidation process construction
  • J-SOX law compliance
  • ALM management systems implementation
IT consulting
  • Asset management systems implementation
  • Organizational BPR support (total revision or individual BPR)
  • Total lease operations BPR
  • Formulation and execution of business process & data migration plans during new systems implementation
  • Systems integration support & project plan evaluation
  • Support for conversion to shared service
  • IT implementation, design, development, testing and operation
  • Integrated enterprise infrastructure systems implementation
  • Systems implementation for revisions in legal frameworks
  • Support for debt liquidation systems implementation
Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • CRM review support
  • Customer information analysis support
IT management
  • Overall IT strategy visioning
  • IT cost assessment & reduction implementation support OPEN systems maintenance outsourcing service
  • OPEN systems maintenance outsourcing service


Track record

・Corporate integration support
・Infrastructure systems implementation (manufacturer’s credit & leasing affiliate)
・Online customer asset management systems implementation (rental firm)
・Profit/risk management integration and sales strategy formulation support (credit card firm)
・Organizational BPR support (general finance firm)
・Risk management enhancement and marketing measures upgrade (finance firm)
・Customer information analysis support (finance firm)
・New business entry support (finance firm)
・Brand value quantification evaluation model construction (credit card firm)
・Overall visioning for next-generation business, IT strategy (leasing, credit firm)
・Infrastructure systems construction project PMO service (credit card firm)


Hideaki Hoshi
Hideaki Hoshi
Head of Financial Service Business Unit
Yoshiyuki Ueda
Yoshiyuki Ueda
Masashi Tsubouchi
Masashi Tsubouchi
Katsuhiro Nishitani
Katsuhiro Nishitani

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