Food & Beverage

We provide food and beverage firms with total support, ranging from formulation of administrative plans and enhancement, standardization and streamlining of business processes to infrastructure systems construction. Food and beverage firms are required to respond accurately to ever more diverse and sophisticated consumer need. As providers of basic daily essentials, meanwhile, these manufacturers are also eagerly expected to supply highly safe, healthy products at low prices. Every company in the industry is required to continually provide products and services that satisfy consumer need, and to do so more rapidly and at lower prices than ever before. ABeam Consulting provides total support for these efforts, including formulation of all the various measures required to produce management plans while refining, standardizing and streamlining business processes (breakdown of transaction records by profitability, enhancing traceability, shortening lead times, etc.), as well as construction of the infrastructure systems upon which these efforts rely.

  • Supply chain transformation
  • Administrative, operational and systems strategy formulation
  • Thoroughgoing BPR using ERP
  • ABC earnings & cost management implementation
  • Cost-cutting feasibility assessment
  • Strategic purchasing & supplier management implementation
  • Shared service implementation
  • Consideration of business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Marketing channel development strategy formulation
  • Sales strategy formulation, BPR
  • Customer loyalty management, CRM process construction
  • SFA package implementation
  • GDS solution implementation
  • Product information management consulting & quick assessment
  • Product recycling management, consulting
  • R&D process consulting
  • Raw materials traceability systems implementation
  • Management visibility through Business Intelligence (BI) implementation
  • J-SOX law compliance support
  • SAP operational outsourcing service
  • Quick inventory reduction assessment (QIA)
  • Existing systems diagnostics & strategic information systems plan (SISP) design
  • Inventory reduction through SCP package implementati

Track record

  • Global ERP implementation (food & beverage manufacturer)
  • Demand-supply management system implementation (food & beverage manufacturer)
  • New business entry strategy formulation (food products manufacturer)
  • Product planning & development support (food products manufacturer)
  • Supply chain transformation and systems implementation (food products manufacturer)
  • Asia IT strategy formulation (food products manufacturer)
  • Distribution system transformation (food products manufacturer)


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