CSR Report

We have issued [CSR Report 2020] which summarizes the work of ABeam Consulting's CSR activities.





CSR Report 2020

Table of Contents

Top Message

ABeam Consulting’s CSR/sustainability
Our CSR Policy
・Initiatives to achieve SDGs
・Our human resources development contributes to solving social issues
・Connecting beyond organizations and positions to encourage determined challenge-taking
・Supporting citizen participation amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and contributing
    to sustainable urban development

Consulting projects
New business management that connects ESG activities with corporate value
・Contributing to improving the ability to respond to natural disasters through the use
    of cloud services
・Expand the circle of social contribution activities with the power of sports

Activities for solving social issues
Developed strategies for Japan's international cooperation sector with pro bono activities
・Using consulting skills to support activities for creating a world without child sex trafficking
・Toward an even more sophisticated energy management at the office
Employees working on solving social issues
・Supporting Room to Read
・Supporting WaterAid
・Innovation Lab

・CSR activities
・Consulting projects
・Workstyle Innovation – ABeam Business AthleteⓇ

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