Comprehensive consulting services that cover the full spectrum of the energy industry from supply side to demand side

ABeam Consulting provides uniform consulting services from strategy design to execution in order to help client firms in the electric power, gas and petroleum industries survive and thrive in a competitive environment in which the customers that comprise the source of energy demand are in transition.

ABeam covers the entire industry, from the supply side to the demand side, providing comprehensive consulting services.

Consulting services by industry

Cross-industry consulting services

At ABeam Consulting, we respond to the demand for transformation by providing services in each relevant service domain. This is a one-stop service, ranging from strategy design to systems development and maintenance operations. After pinpointing current market trends, we help clients bring about the speedy transformation they need.


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Control and management of overall group activities as owner and holding com…

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

ABeam Consulting Ltd.

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