Human Capital and Organizational Transformation

Comprehensive consulting on strategy, systems, business process and IT to promote personnel and organizational transformation

At ABeam Consulting, we

  • Foster a corporate culture necessary to promote developmental, ongoing business progress,
  • Human resources management practices necessary to ensure a continual supply of the talent needed to promote business, and
  • Streamlining of personnel operations that give rise to the resources needed for the next stage of growth.

We do this by providing total solutions that range from strategy formulation to systems & process design and IT implementation, all of which translates into maximized human resource value for the client.

1. Global personnel infrastructure construction solutions
We provide comprehensive support for construction of a Japanese-style global personnel infrastructure. It was designed to facilitate operation of human resources management processes that supply the personnel necessary to deploy business globally, while leaving intact the organizational contribution and teamwork that typify Japanese personnel systems.
2. Personnel management infrastructure construction solutions
3. Talent management solutions:We provide comprehensive support ranging from overall talent management visioning to systems construction & revision, hiring & transfer/assignment, training, evaluation and other process reengineering, as well as tools implementation and utilization.

Track record

  • Major consumer goods manufacturer [global personnel management infrastructure construction]
    In order to accelerate unified global management, we supported the construction of a system for uniform management of personnel management, transfer and staffing, etc., across approximately 30 countries.
  • Major process manufacturer [personnel management infrastructure construction]
    To create personnel management infrastructure, we assisted with the construction of systems to support personnel, payroll accounting, diligence management, and other operations for a workforce numbering in the tens of thousands.
  • Major electronics manufacturer [global personnel management infrastructure construction]
    At a client with a global group workforce of 100,000 employees, we supported the construction of a human resources information management system to enable dynamic personnel allocation, and world-class systems for performance evaluation and skills management.
  • Major engineering manufacturer [global personnel management system construction]
    We supported the construction of systems for unification of personnel-related information, for systematic training of key business executives, and for optimization of groupwide global staff allocation.
  • Major financial systems subsidiary [sills management and career development systems construction]
    Support for construction of frameworks for employee skills management and career / human resources development implementation systems
  • Major finance firm [personnel systems construction and preparation of personnel business process and infrastructure for a new company]
    We helped construct a competency-based personnel system, and systems for rating, evaluation and compensation. Preparation for establishment of the new company included key personnel processes and information infrastructure to enable employment of the smallest necessary workforce.
  • Major airline-affiliated travel agency [organizational/personnel systems integration accompanying a corporate merger]
    We coordinated between the companies in a three-way merger to support revision of personnel systems, and formulate a scheme for external assignment and job transfers. We also conducted an impact analysis on how the project would affect accounting (i.e., personnel costs).
  • Major commercial trading firm [business process construction for a small corporate headquarters]
    We helped establish a personnel outsourcing subsidiary, simplified personnel-related business processes, and applied groupware to application workflow for more efficient processing.
  • Major finance firm [group personnel business process integration accompanying a corporate merger]
    We unified business processes and personnel systems that had been thrown into confusion by a merger with a company from another industry. The project established group-standard business processes and lowered personnel operational costs.



Case study

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a manufacturing and sales company for new p…

Takashi Sakamoto
Takashi Sakamoto
Digital Process Business Unit / Head of HCM Sector
Nobuya Ichioka
Nobuya Ichioka
Head of Digital Technology Business Unit / IT Management & Service Sector
Satoshi Tachibana
Satoshi Tachibana
Digital Technology Business Unit / Head of DXI Sector

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