Consumer Packaged Goods

By appropriately differentiating business processes that should be standardized from those whose individuality should be exploited, we help ensure visibility of management resources and competitive advantage.

Current trends are always changing, and consumer need changes according to a cycle that is still more rapid. The work of a consumer goods company is to be keenly aware of how difficult it is to remain the popular choice of the world’s consumers, and to pursue unflagging efforts to maintain that status. Prompt decision-making and action is and always will be essential in this regard.

At ABeam Consulting, we take full advantage of being a global consulting firm with home offices in Japan, which enables us to support our clients’ efforts to create systems that use worldwide standardization to achieve better administrative transparency and rapid information supply for more competitive product development.

  • Supply chain transformation
  • Administrative, operational and systems strategy formulation
  • Thoroughgoing BPR using ERP
  • Systems integration accompanying M&A
  • ABC earnings & cost management implementation
  • Cost-cutting feasibility assessment
  • Strategic purchasing & supplier management implementation
  • Shared service implementation
  • Consideration of business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • R&D portfolio strategy, new product development process transformation
  • Marketing channel development strategy formulation
  • Sales strategy formulation, BPR
  • Customer loyalty management, CRM process construction
  • SFA package implementation
  • Call center set-up support
  • 24-hour SAP systems operation AMO service in Shanghai
  • ASP service supporting systems development and operation decoupling for enhanced internal control
  • Information systems department visioning
  • BPR for administrative visibility, standardization
  • SOA visioning

Track record

  • Global personnel systems construction (consumables manufacturer)
  • Mobile systems construction (consumables manufacturer)
  • Global CRM implementation support (consumables manufacturer)
  • Customer management system implementation & plan management (consumables manufacturer)
  • Global IT systems evaluation support (consumer sundries manufacturer)
  • Channel development & customer management system construction (consumer sundries manufacturer)
  • BPR for Asian region and global ERP implementation (consumer sundries manufacturer)


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