CSR Report 2018

We have issued [CSR Report 2018] which summarizes the work of ABeam Consulting's CSR activities.

CSR Report


CSR Report 2018

Table of Contents

Message from the President

CSR at ABeam Consulting

[Special Feature 1] Leveraging RPA to Contribute to True Work Style Reform
[Special Feature 2] Supporting a Non-Prot Tackling the Problem of Child Sex Tracking and Sexual Exploitation
Solid Business Foundation
Building the Foundation for Sound and Equitable Business Management and Community Trust
Collaborating with Our Clients
Helping to Solve Social Issues with Consulting Services
Working with Local Communities
Reaching Out Locally and Globally to Help Resolve Social Issues
Responsibility for the Global Environment
Employees Work Together to Protect the Environment
Working with Employees
Building Workplaces where Employees Can Work with Even Greater Freedom and Vitality


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