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Tatsuya Kamoi

Becoming an accelerator of social transformation, working on social issues through company-wide activities

Solving social issues with a focus on ABeam’s materialities

During the fiscal year 2020, ABeam Consulting has established our own materialities to work on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).  Based on our business model, where we collaborate with many partners, Goal 17, “Partnerships for the goals,” has been identified as our company-wide materiality.

At the same time, we have identified two more goals to our main materialities — Goal 8, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, which represents the essence of ABeam Business Athlete®*, and Goal 9, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, which collates with our aim to accelerate transformation through digital technologies.
It is deeply meaningful for us to be engaged in CSR activities as an important part of our company-wide strategy, and we are very proud of the support and active participation of many employees.

  • * ABeam Business Athlete®: ABeam Consulting's workstyle innovation is actively promoting “ABeam Business Athlete® initiative”, in order to create a working environment where each and every employee can work with a high level of awareness as a professional, as well as in a physically and mentally healthy state, with the idea of employees working like athletes in the business field.

Working on Social Issues as an Accelerator of Social Change

Currently under the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and organizations are not only thinking about how they may contribute to society by utilizing their corporate strength, but also engaged in a variety of activities for the realization of a new sustainable society after we overcome the pandemic.  These circumstances remind us of the magnitude and importance of the new value that is created by cooperating with people and teams with different strengths, and of local communities, partnership, organizations, and various countries.

ABeam have rediscovered the significance of being a consulting company that promotes and supports contribution to society through our consulting services and aim to provide our services with a sense of agility through collaboration with our communities, companies, and institutions.  In 2020, ahead of the 40th anniversary of our business in 2021, we have created the Vision 2030, where we describe our organizational vision for the next ten years.

We plan to promote new value creation globally with our clients, not only solving our clients’ immediate challenges but becoming an accelerator of social agenda for them.  To achieve this goal, we will need to create an organization where many members with diverse and differing strengths can come together and gather their knowledge, and to effectively expand our global partnerships.


Taking on Challenges in an Unpredictable Society through Partnership

With the spread of COVID-19 and its various impact, many companies are redefining their management agendas and their priorities.  While it has become apparent that the future is unpredictable, we believe the activities that support the realization of a sustainable society, which we undertake as a member of society, will become the corporate and organizational activities required to overcome this difficult situation.

We would like to be one team with our clients who are pursuing major transformation, by sharing the ideal state and the risks to reach there, as a partner for transformation to work hard together.  To be chosen by our clients as their partner over a long journey to transform themselves in an unforeseeable world, we must not hesitate to change ourselves and keep on bracing ourselves as a challenger.

President and CEO Tatsuya Kamoi



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