In downstream petroleum businesses, major reductions in fuel oil demand due to a declining population and energy conservation have made cost-cutting and the acquisition of new revenue sources matters of great urgency. Upstream petroleum businesses, meanwhile, are expanding rights to long-term stable energy supplies and building up their foundations for overseas project operations in response to pressure to lay the foundations for global management.

At ABeam Consulting, we assist clients with the kind of business transformation that enables them to survive and thrive amid ever-intensifying global competition. We help with offensive strategies such as global business deployment and new business and project launches, while also consulting on operational support to shore up defensive strategies. These include consulting on accounting, personnel, materials purchasing, business process and systems construction for facilities management, and conversion to shared services.

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・Corporate BPR support (administrative management, accounting, personnel, materials, etc.), shared services, BPO planning
・Commodities transaction management systems implementation/operation support
・Facilities management/maintenance BPR support
・EAM systems implementation support
・Digital strategy (IoT) formulation support

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Control and management of overall group activities as owner and holding company

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ABeam Consulting Ltd.

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