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DX Talent
- DX Talent Development: Three Success Factors and the Development System -

September 7, 2021

Kazuki Sugata

Executive Officer, Principal
Strategy Business Unit


The development of DX talent has become a major issue for many companies. Each company defines talent models required for digital transformation and works on the formulation and execution of its own development plan. DX talent development tends to be through the acquisition of technical knowledge and experience, but when you focus on the purpose, the points to keep in mind are apparent.

To review the purpose of DX talent development, we can organize constituting elements into the three purposes below. The target organization levels and success factors are then organized according to each purpose.

Figure 1 Three Success Factors for DX Talent Development

Figure 1 Three Success Factors for DX Talent Development

1. To strengthen DX assessment abilities and future creativity → Update the ability to take a panoramic view of the digital × real business environment
It is necessary to have educate members to help them understand the trends of the digital business and evolving digital technology, and acquire the ability to analyze and gain insight into the medium- to long-term business impacts. For example, a project could be launched to bring together next-generation leaders to consider reform programs related to digital transformation.

2. To develop digital transformation leaders → Work on transformation with DX partners and acquire practical knowledge that can be used in daily work
It is necessary to educate members to help them practice digital transformation in the field instead of ending with classroom lectures. This will enable them to utilize the digital as one's strength and incorporate the digital into daily life. For example, in the process from planning and PoC (proof of concept) to launch in new business development utilizing the digital, it is possible to acquire the skills and mindset necessary for transformation and gain the practical knowledge that can be utilized next.

3. To strengthen digital literacy as a common language → Make digital literacy a common language for all employees
It is necessary to be educated on how to understand the digital data that will be the basis of future work and solve one's own business problems, and that will improve the ability to solve problems using digital tools. For example, there could be a program for learning and practicing essential concepts, theories, and principles that are virtually unaffected by change rather than learning specific usage of the latest technology.

In other words, in order to successfully develop DX talent, it is important not only to acquire technical knowledge and experience, but also to envision the future, work on transformation in daily work, and make the digital familiar to all employees. Furthermore, in order to succeed in development, the theme of DX should not only be incorporated as a regular training menu item, but also tackled as a company-wide transformation program in cooperation with OJT, individual career plan design, the performance review system, etc.

Figure2 Overview of DX Talent Development System

Figure2 Overview of DX Talent Development System

By reviewing the purpose of in-house DX talent development and establishing a corresponding training system, a company can achieve not only the effect of improving the competence of internal talent, but also, by promoting the existence of a growing program, elements that attract external DX talent. Why not review your training plan to date in cooperation with not only the DX promotion function but also the personnel and talent development functions?

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