Electricity & Gas

The shift to renewable energies, driven by the need to address global warming, is becoming a more prominent trend and one of the measures to cope with surging energy demand resulting from the population increase and economic growth in developing countries. Development of electric-powered cars and non-fossil “clean energies” has emerged as an important issue, and photovoltaics and biofuels - in addition to traditional ways of generating electricity without relying on natural resources, such as water power, wind power, and nuclear power generation - have come to attract a great deal of attention. A new concept called “smart grid,” which aims at efficient use of energies with the help of IT technology, has emerged, and a number of large-scale pilot programs embracing the idea are currently underway. The energy industry, after a long period of high stability, is finally facing cataclysmic changes.

ABeam Expertise

ABeam energy industry consultants specialize in creating and implementing business and technology solutions for the unique needs of energy companies. Leveraging the full depth and breadth of ABeam services, we enable your organization to re-engineer and standardize on more efficient processes and systems for managing complex multi-national operations. 

Among our innovations are Shared Service Centers to optimize operational resources for common work activities, such as financial reporting, environmental safety controls, and human capital management. Our industry-specific experience for ABeam clients address the spectrum of industry and operational challenges and can be applied to projects of any size and scope.

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