Trading companies have been making increasing investments to secure their quality interests in the resources and energy field that have benefited from the sharp global rise in the price of natural resources; restructuring their revenue base in the non-resources field by exporting social infrastructures overseas and developing businesses that utilize their global logistics network; reinforcing their domestic business base through industry reorganizations and business integrations and promoting the launch of new businesses in the areas of environment, energy, welfare, etc.; all in an effort to perpetually evolve their business portfolio strategies on a global basis. Meanwhile, global development strategies, human resources development, strategic allocation of management resources, initiatives toward disposal and recycling, strengthening internal controls and risk management and other efforts toward deepening the enterprise management structure as well as the enhancement of systems that support its growth have become essential elements for trading companies.

ABeam Expertise

In order for trading companies to fulfill their mission, we, at ABeam Consulting, provide services to support organizational and business strategies, including the selection and concentration of businesses, the utilization of business alliances to reinforce the trading company’s overall strength, the enhancement of disclosures, the reinforcement of corporate governance, the establishment of checks and balances on management, the adoption of the business unit system, and the development of new business models as well as the launch of new businesses. Additionally, we offer services, including global consolidated enterprise management, that support the development of various infrastructures that will allow the trading company to differentiate itself among its global competitors.

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