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As the market grows in uncertainty, understanding consumer needs has become extremely difficult. The period of “everyone wanting the same thing” is over, and consumers’ likes and tastes are diversifying. On the other hand, the increased availability of the Internet has enabled consumers to easily obtain, from all over the world, detailed product information, know experts’ opinions on various products, and learn what are hot in the market. They can now find out in an instant where they can buy what they want at the cheapest price, which poses to dealers and distributors greater difficulty of retaining customers. In addition, it is now a common practice to shop online or obtain products through Internet auctions, and this has led to the demise of some of the traditional business practices and distribution systems. It is now time to get an insight into the coming future and redefine the raison d'etre of distribution and services.

ABeam Expertise

ABeam’s retail experts can help you transform with improved processes and technology enablers to make you more proactive in anticipating consumer demand and more responsive in delivering service. We work with you to identify the processes that impede efficiency from the sales floor to the warehouse, design better workflows, and ensure stakeholder acceptance through tailored change management programs. 

Solutions include systems integration of legacy infrastructure and new technology using Service-Oriented Architecture, as well as integrate enterprise applications including business intelligence and RFID tagging. As a result, you can share real-time data from Direct Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for demand-driven in-store inventory, warehouse and supply chain management; and customer-driven merchandising and sales operations. 

Our solutions also help to improve coordination of in-store, online and catalog operations; manage customer loyalty programs; reduce operational costs; and track performance metrics - at enterprise, store, business function and workforce levels.


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Tommy Hilfiger Japan Corporation

Tommy Hilfiger Japan Corporati…

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