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With the traditional business model relying on blockbuster drugs losing its viability, pharmaceutical and biotech companies face an urgent need to establish new business strategies of their own to stay competitive. Major pharmaceutical companies operating globally, in particular, are under great pressure to cope with the so-called “2010 issue,” i.e., patent expirations of leading products followed by entry of cheaper generics into the market, as well as rapidly changing environments, including expanding governmental measures to reduce medical costs and the rise of developing countries. In addition, development of new drugs, which is supposed to compensate the revenue decline incurred by patent expirations, is hampered by lack of pipelines, only to add greater difficulty in development. There are some movements to seek new opportunities in antibody drugs, vaccines, and diagnostic technology-related business and to shift the focus to the development and increased production of generic products. The time has come that management power of pharmaceutical companies is to be tested.

ABeam Expertise

ABeam consultants specializing in business and technology solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech companies bring direct experience from working within the industry. Our experts know where and how to find cost efficiencies in complex R&D processes; evaluate potential partnerships and acquisitions for more productive product pipelines; and standardize various operational, marketing and sales processes for consistently higher global performance. 

Our experience includes a wide range of highly successful ERP implementations for pharmaceutical and biotech companies, integration of global IT infrastructure, internal controls for SOX and J-SOX compliance, and validation of existing systems and processes. Join companies like Biogen Idec, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Merck Serono and Schering-Plough that continue to increase their operational and competitive advantages with ABeam.

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Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a manufacturing and sales company for new p…

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