Advanced Analytics
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ABeam Analytics provides advanced analytics consultancy services globally. As part of the ABeam consulting group, we leverage ABeam’s global presence and regional offices to support clients.

Our goal is to help clients find opportunities in their data. We build IT solutions which consolidate their fragmented data, provide insightful analytics, and intuitive visualizations. To drive deeper analysis, we enrich client data with cognitive services such as sentiment analysis and facial recognition. We can automate real-time decisions with machine learning and predictive analytics. We help businesses capitalize on their data.



 Business Solutions

Discover with analytics, capitalize on data, and optimize the reporting cycle with our business solutions.

ABeam Analytics has partnered with leading software principles to cover all layers of the analytic stack from storage, computation, data engineering, modeling, and visualization. We have the tools to help clients measure their business performance, make real-time decisions, and ultimately drive enterprise value growth.

ABeam Analytics works closely with the ABeam consulting’s AI team to implement AI algorithms and business models into production environments.  ABeam Analytics understands the complexity of advanced analytics systems and their integration into existing IT environments. Our team helps bridge the gap between the analytical data scientists, who define the models, and the IT teams, who must ensure IT security, standards requirements, data integration, and performance considerations.

We support clients with onsite, nearshore, and offshore capability from Singapore and Indonesia.



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