In the telecommunication industry, the commencement of faster and more secure network services that utilize new telecommunication technology such as NGN and LTE, simultaneously with the spread of sophisticated terminals, epitomized by the smart phone, has intensified fierce price competition, in addition to further diversifying and complicating the services sought by the users. Under such circumstances, the development of service models that differentiate an enterprise from its competitors and the pursuit of efficient operations have become paramount in order to improve profitability while further cultivating new and existing customers.

In the media industry, the progress being made in the digitization of content and the sharp drop in ad placements since the Lehman collapse have made it increasingly difficult to adhere to conventional business models. The industry has reached the stage where it must prove its mettle by coming up with innovations such as revisions to its methods of producing contents and the development of new online delivery services.

ABeam Expertise

For the rapidly changing telecommunications and media industry, ABeam Consulting provides planning business strategy, various business process transformation, restructuring the core system and outsourcing service.

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