Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumers’ minds are fickle and often influenced significantly by changes in the external environment. Today, anticipating trends is more difficult than ever, partly due to widening gaps in tastes among consumers of different generations and lifestyles. Moreover, the speed of change is increasing. We have seen new phenomena of unexpected trends bursting all of a sudden and spreading instantaneously via the Internet. In order for the companies to continue to be chosen by consumers, more sophisticated approaches and advanced strategies will be indispensable. With the expansion of the Chinese and Indian markets accelerating globalization, the consumer product industry faces an increasingly difficult task of developing approaches and devising strategies.

ABeam Expertise

The Consumer Products Practice at ABeam specializes in business and technology consulting that enables manufacturers to expand globally. We assist with entry into new geographic markets and decision making on issues of regulatory requirements, tax and tariff structures, import/export cost efficiencies, and more. 
Solutions that improve collaboration and information sharing among retailers, manufacturers and other suppliers, by analyzing Direct POS and RFID data, can drive higher retail sales, prevent in-store stock outages, and help tailor products to consumer demands in different markets. We can support applications selection, development, implementation, systems integration and/or outsourcing for the right technology to support your business goals - not vice versa. Through ABeam, your operations can standardize on ERP, CRM, business intelligence, and other applications to streamline processes and gain competitive advantages in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

Case study

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