Outcompeting rivals in an industry that has reached a turning point

Comprehensive consulting that provides uniform service from strategy proposal to execution

The imperative to take on new growth opportunities

The leasing industry is at a turning point. Having already bottomed out and entered a recovery, the domestic leasing market is now in a state of seeking out areas of growth. As the major industry players look to access growth opportunities, business deployment in Asia and other overseas locations is growing increasingly active. Their operations in new fields such as aircraft leasing and real estate-related businesses are also in an expansion mode.
Centering on credit cards, credit loans, consumer finance and other areas of individual finance, the non-bank industry is confronting numerous new issues. These include increasingly intense competition due to new entrants from other industries, the adoption of state-of-the-art payment technologies, the crucial nature of compliance & corporate social responsibility (CSR), etc. At the same time, the volume of cashless transactions using such instruments as credit and prepaid cards is steadily growing year by year. As new players are entering the industry from fields such as telecommunications and transportation, even greater growth is anticipated in the future.

Providing uniform service from strategy proposal to process support and IT implementation and operation

With more than 30 years' experience in consulting the major players in the leasing/non-bank industry, we provide broad-based uniform services that are in continual use by many major industry clients. These services range from business management strategy proposals and process transformation support to mainframe systems construction, accounting & finance, as well as business & IT management, etc.

Menu of key services

We provide uniform services ranging from strategy proposal to execution, leveraging our many years of consulting experience in the leasing & non-bank industry, as well as our global networks.

Business process strategy

  • Systems integration for mergers and acquisitions
  • Business strategy formulation / Support for entering new business fields

Accounting & finance, as well as business management

  • Business intelligence implementation
  • Refinement of risk management (credit rating model formulation, improvement in sales tactics)
  • Management accounting / support for refinement of business management
  • Support for more rapid account settlement
  • Process-building for debt liquidation processes
  • Response to Japanese SOX law
  • ALM management systems implementation

IT consulting

  • Asset management systems implementation
  • Organizational process transformation support (comprehensive review with individual process transformation)
  • Overall lease process BPR
  • Formulation and implementation of plans for data and process transfer associated with new systems implementation
  • Process integration support, project plan evaluation
  • Support for shift to shared services
  • IT implementation, design, development, testing, operation
  • Integrated enterprise information systems implementation
  • Systems implementation associated with revision of legal systems
  • Support for systems implementation associated with debt liquidation

Customer relationship management (CRM)

  • Support for studies toward achieving CRM
  • Support for customer data analysis

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