The material and chemical industries have sought to grow into high value-added industries, shifting their focus from technologically less challenging general-purpose items to advanced and sophisticated products. However, the price competition is intensifying in the field of high value-added products, too, due to the rise of emerging powers, such as Korea and China. In addition to further developing high value-added products, the material and chemical industries face the need to transform the operation model, with a view to platform business. As EVs enter in the public limelight, how to reduce the body weight has emerged as a big challenge, and demands and expectations of customers are expected to change significantly in the future. In addition to these environmental changes, the material and chemical industries face a myriad of challenges, including merger and consolidation, industry reorganization, expansion into overseas markets, environmental concerns, and surging “resource nationalism.”

ABeam Expertise

ABeam Consulting offers a realistic solution that will achieve management efficiency and visualization quickly, in particular providing ERP centered business streamlining in the material and chemical industry at the global level.

Case study

Kao Corporation

Kao Corporation - The Blue Wol…
Kao Corporation, a leading global manufacturer of consumer and industrial c…

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