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The food and beverage industry must realize that consumers around the world are seeking safety and reliability. Quality control and risk management at the raw materials and manufacturing process levels are becoming increasingly important so much so that a single mishap could literally put the existence of a company at stake. At the same time the level of customer demand has become so high that the freshest possible products must be delivered within the shortest possible time.
That having been said, the expansion of the global market thanks to the economic growth of emerging countries can also provide the innovative food company with innumerable business opportunities. Stabilization of the cost of raw materials, or commodities; reinforced management of traceability to ensure safety and reliability; and the global development of efficient IT-based systems, including supply chains and logistics have become the prerequisites for growth and the strategic formulation thereof may be considered one of the most important management decisions to be made.

ABeam Expertise

At ABeam Consulting, we provide total services from the formulation of management plans and various measures to refine and standardize business processes as well as to enhance their efficiency (including the monitoring of profitability by account, reinforcement of traceability, shortening lead-time, and inventory optimization that takes into account use-by dates and shipping deadlines) to the development of mainframe systems that support such initiatives.

Case study

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