ABeam DX Insight No.13

DX Talent
- Solving Personnel Systems and Operational Issues in the Digital Age -

September 7, 2021

Kazuki Sugata

Executive Officer, Principal
Strategy Business Unit


In order to survive in the digital age, it is necessary to internally develop DX talent. To that end, building a personnel system that establishes a mechanism for continuously creating talent internally will be required.
To ensure that the mechanism actually works, it is important to not only reexamine the framework of the system itself, but also carefully design a response to operational aspects.

First, with regard to personnel system aspects, the following are examples of issues peculiar to the digital age. These issues are related to the continuous development of DX talent by the company and require response.

  • Difficult to hire and retain DX talent with high compensation levels
  • Difficult to evaluate and provide development feedback because the behavior and working attitude of subordinates are out of view
  • No difference in evaluations between talent who perform simple work and talent who perform high value-added work
  • Mismatch between speed of environmental change and evaluation cycle (a goal set at the beginning of the period loses substance at the evaluation due to environmental changes and policy changes, etc.)
  • Complexities in individual work management, such as task assignments and progress identification

The above issues are caused by the fact that the conventional personnel system does not match the demands of the digital age. The following causes are assumed from both system and operational aspects.

Figure Causes of Personnel Issues in the Digital Age and Solution Directionality

Figure Causes of Personnel Issues in the Digital Age and Solution Directionality

With regard to system aspects, compensation, evaluation, and class each need to be reexamined in line with the digital age. In addition, with regard to operational aspects, conventional mechanism items exist that need to be updated.

For example, if we simply consider evaluations, in the digital age, various operational problem-solving approaches can be considered, such as a more performance-based review, high-quality communication for feedback that not only determines compensation but also leads to growth, further clarification of performance review criteria in correspondence with role, and introduction of flexible employment forms such as outsourcing formats.

In this way, by taking both the above short-term and medium- to long-term measures in, you can expect improvements in internal DX talent development at an earlier stage. Many of the items listed as medium- to long-term measures are already being discussed at various sites as an ideal state. However, perhaps short-term initiatives designed based on digital value, sense of speed, and diversity are required.

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