Real-time Data Driven Marketing

Maximizing marketing ROI on real-time basis

The communication between companies and customers have been limited, because customers have been under control of companies on deciding touch points, timings and messages. Currently, customer’s behavior have been digitalized and they demand for more diverse communications with companies.
However, there are gaps between the communication planned by companies and what customers demand.
As a result, companies are missing opportunities and decreasing customer loyalty.
ABeam Consulting can resolve the communication gaps in real time, and maximize the Marketing ROI.

What is Real-Time Communication ?

Up to now, customer touch points had been limited to certain channels (shopping stores, Internet, contact center and etc.), and therefore optimized timely communication had not been realized. However, evolved digital technology such as expansion of high speed network, smartphone, sensor technology and more have changed this situation. It has brought about the right timing and right channel for customers and enabled optimized communication for customers.
Improving data analysis processing speed and algorithms are enabling real-time communication, previously done face-to-face by people, such as “responding to customer’s behavior at that moment”, or “communicate by predicting the customer’s next behavior”.

Key Success Factor for Realizing Real-Time Data Driven Marketing

In order to respond to customer’s real time current state, it is important to execute the following on a real time basis: find meaningful events from big data including history data, personalize the contents of communication for individual customer, and control the frequency and timing.

Features of Real-Time Data Driven Marketing

Consulting Approaches

We support to realize the real-time data driven marketing by following steps.

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