Toyota Financial Services Vietnam

Toyota Financial Services Vietnam

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Toyota Financial Services Vietnam
Unit 04 & 05, 12th Floor, Saigon Centre Tower 2, No 67, Le Loi Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
October 2008
Business Activities
Improve the quality of customer service and Marketing by using chatbot

Note: Company names, departmental affiliations and position titles are current as of the interview date.


Toyota Financial Services Vietnam (TFSVN) is incorporated as a 100% foreign-owned Financial Company invested by Toyota Finance Corporation (TFC), a member of Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC). TFSVN is established with the main objective of providing financial solutions to Toyota car buyers and Toyota dealers. With the desire to create an automated chatbot system to solve the shortage of personnel as well as shorten the waiting time of customers, ABeam Consulting Vietnam worked with its partner Hekate (provider of a multi channels Chabot platform) to design and implement a chatbot solution to support TFSVN to solve that problem

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Project Overview


  • Support the customer support department to quickly answer customer questions
  • Save time looking up information and registering to use the service of customers
  • Store, analyze information, user behavior based on conversations

ABeam Solution

  • Support consulting information transfer between website and chatbot
  • Support and work with parties in storing user information in the most reasonable way
  • Combine chatbot with TFSVN's core system for the most effciency

ABeam Effect

  • TFSVN employees do not need to be on duty on fan pages to answer users' questions, reducing their workload
  • Digital transformation of all customer information based on the information that the chatbot has collected and stored in the main data warehouse of TFSVN
  • Customers can quickly access TFSVN's services anywhere and anytime




Fast automatic customer support

With a large number of customer requests sent to social media platforms every day, it has put a lot of pressure on TFSVN's consultants and made customers wait longer to get the information they need. Understanding this problem, ABeam, Hekate and TFSVN have created the most frequently asked questions for chatbot to help chatbot quickly and automatically answer customers with the most understandable and friendly answers.
However, we also do not completely eliminate human-to-human conversations, if there are questions that users cannot answer, chatbot will automatically broadcast notifications to the support sta's emails so that they can immediately support customers. The flexible combination of bots and humans creates more natural conversations and addresses all the needs of customers.


Why ABeam

Register for procedures directly on the chatbot

Chatbot is not only just asking and answering, it's more than that. With the TFSVN chatbot, we help customers apply for loans, look up loan documents, apply for insurance directly on the chatbot with extremely simple operations and all just by messaging. We try to optimize it to the point where the most low tech can still use it like just texting with a friend
All information that the user has registered on the chatbot will be directly displayed on the chatbot management system for the staff to check and carry out the procedures, creating information records immediately for customers. With the support of chatbot, the registration of TFSVN procedures will be more convenient when customers can register anywhere and anytime, without having to download too many applications to their devices



Synchronize information

We build APIs that integrate features from the website and display on chatbots such as loan calculation, loan product suggestions, ensure that customers can fully use the features of TFSVN on any device. In addition, the website of TFSVN is also integrated with a chatbot so that users can quickly look up questions when they visit the website.



Effective customer remarketing

With hundreds of users across provinces and cities, chatbot is a useful marketing agent for TFSVN. The chatbot system can send promotional announcements, product information and services to all customers at the same time, automatically respond to user comments on the fanpage as well as being the easiest channel to collect user opinions
Data is also an extremely important thing for any department. By tracking user behaviors, emotional messages through conversations, from this data, TFSVN can come up with appropriate marketing strategies, hit the right psychology of users as well as create the best customer experience journey.

Expected results:
- Reduce consulting time for support staff, so they can spend time on other tasks
- Save time for customers when looking up information
- Understanding customers and improving customer service quality
Chatbot is just one of the efforts in the process of enterprise digital transformation that TFSVN is implementing. Chatbots cannot replace humans, but chatbots are an effective assistant, automating many complex processes into simple operations that everyone can use easily. By using chatbot, TFSVN can effectively take care of customers while its employees still have plenty of time to do other jobs, improving work productivity and customer service experience.

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