Virtual Showroom Customer Experience

Many businesses struggle to stand out online, with most adopting a standard website template to act as a source of information for their prospective customers. There is a missed opportunity to have an engaging experience through the online channel, and one of the ways this can be delivered is with a Virtual Showroom.

The Virtual Showroom is an innovative marketing channel that uses a virtual space in place of a physical store. It is a web application that simulates a showroom experience, allowing customers to view products in 3D space and even engage with sales representatives online. Prospective customers can interact directly via a web browser or even view the products through a head-mounted display (HMD)

The Value of Virtual Reality

VR enables us to be immersed in a fully created digital environment, allowing us to interact with virtual objects. Studies have shown that interactions improve memory retention and by using VR, the products we interact with online will be more memorable than a regular online advertisement.

New Experience

Additional Customer Insights

As VR allows for new ways for customers to interact with your products, it also provides new data to be captured and analyzed. HMDs can track head movements to analyze where your customers are looking. The duration of interaction with an object or even the type of objects being observed can be captured. With additional data points to supplement existing web metrics (clicks and session length), a deeper profile of your customer can be developed. The objective of marketing is to meet your customer’s needs and by building their profile, you can personalize their experiences with your brand.

Advantages of Virtual Showrooms


ABeam Virtual Showroom

The ABeam Virtual Showroom solution focuses on two key aspects for value delivery:

  • The WebXR application that renders an interactive virtual showroom to improve customer engagement on your website.
  • The lead capturing strategy to ensure that quality leads can be extracted from this showroom and segmented for better retargeting campaigns.
ABeam Showroom

Focus on Generating Quality Leads

Our Virtual Showroom design will focus on what your customers can do to interact with your products and when to request customer details such that your leads are quality leads.

VR Experience

Steps to Deployment

ABeam Consulting has a template framework for building a virtual showroom with basic interactions along with a lead analysis tool to help qualify your leads so that you can separate your strategy based on different audience or segments.


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