Digital Signature

Is your organization under pressure to drive cost optimization, improve service, and speed up document management?

Yet this process is delayed by waiting for traditional signatures? Sometimes it takes weeks to just sign one document as it passes through many departments both within and outside your organization.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic suddenly forces us to change how we live our life. Moving away from paper-based processes now can help your organization maximize efficiency and accelerate the workflow.

It is better if we can work on documents anytime, anywhere, and on any devices.

What's digital signature?

Digital signature is a new digitized way to get consent or approval on electronic documents or forms, by using an electronic signature in a legal way.

This solution streamlines digital transactions by electronically accessing, signing and sending important documents anywhere, anytime and on any devices.

Digital Signature

To truly achieve a digital transformation using digital signature in the signing process some key challenges need to be considered. Based on personal experience of reengineering several business processes, ABeam recommends the following steps to approach ‘Document Digitization’.

4 Steps

ABeam's Digital Signature Methodology

ABeam has extensive experience in helping our clients improve their business operations, to optimize processes using digital solutions to support signing and/or approval steps.

Discussion Points

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Solutions you are interested in


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