CK Power Public Company Limited

CK Power Public Company Limited

Customer Profile

Company name CK Power Public Company Limited
HQ location No. 587 Viriyathavorn Building, 19th Floor, Sutthisan Winitchai Road, Ratchadaphisek Subdistrict, Dindaeng District, Bangkok 10400
Estd. 2011
Business Leading power company in Thailand and the South East Asian region under CK group. CK Power Service is managing power plants and developing new power projects for which it invests in three categories, namely as hydroelectric power, core generation power, and solar power.

Note: Company names, departmental affiliations and position titles are current as of the interview date.

Shared services operating model and Kaizen way of working for transformation modernized its business to become "Learn to be efficient" organization

ABeam Consulting guides clients through every step of the enterprise transformation journey, improving growth, efficiency, and mindsets along the way. Our approach to consulting is based on our “Real Partner” philosophy: We are real people who provide real solutions and real results. We put our clients first in the relationship and proceed from a position of mutual respect.

ABeam supports clients through their enterprise transformation in three phases: vision, execution, and sustainability. Each phase is essential. Vision allows us to take the time to really get to know the organization and carefully craft a plan together. Establishing a clear vision with clear goals at the outset is absolutely essential to the success of the execution stage. After the execution stage, we make sure that the transformation is sustainable.

An excellent example of a successful enterprise transformation journey is the work we did with CK Power. We worked shoulder to shoulder with them through every step of the process.

CK Power is the leading power company in Thailand and Southeast Asia, with investments in the three power categories of hydroelectric, core generation, and solar. As CK Power grew, its executives realized that they could no longer have different processes and different systems across their various platforms and subsidiaries. To continue expanding effectively and sustainably, they needed to standardize all of their business procedures.   

Project Overview


  • The amount of changes CKP needs to undertake to transform the company structure, operating models and process while employees without any disruption during the transition period.


  • Three-Phase of Enterprise Transformation Journey
  • Transformation Visioning
  • Transformation Execution
  • Sustain Transformation

Success Factor

  • Effective and standardize process
  • Increase the productivity and quality of their service
  • Reformation of business for growth, profit and sustain
  • Enhancing enterprise-wide integration by SAP S/4 HANA
  • Change People in Mindset, Skill and Work Style

Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet

“I believe that we also benefit from this project in a way that our staff were able to step out of their comfort zone. The tailor-made package from ABeam makes such a stand out deliverable from other consulting firms in the world. Please keep this quality with you.” concluded by Mr. Thanawat.

Managing Director
Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet




Project background and reasons for selecting ABeam Consulting

Confidence in total solutions that are promptly proposed

CK Power’s philosophy is to provide power to the people with minimal environmental impact in a sustainable manner.  In 2016, CK Power realized that they need to grow and expand their business to be competitive in the industry that the environment keep changing. Mr. Thanawat Trivisvavet, Managing Director of CK Power says, “We have to standardize all business process for future growth because in the modern business world, the business keeps changing all the time. Even if we have an efficient business process now, later on we may lag behind again and we need to update ourselves and improve ourselves again, ”.

CK Power selected ABeam Consulting as its partner. They have got many recommendations from their renowned Japanese business partners as a long-term partner which they believed that ABeam will be just around the corner ready to help us, support us in the future transformation again and again because The strength of ABeam was that, ABeam was willing to spend time working with our staff, willing to spend time to really understand our challenges, and to work hand in hand with our staff to help them transform their work process from individual level, to department level, to corporate level, in all levels . 



Challenges and the solutions

Transforming and Modernizing The Business to Become "Lean and Efficient" Organization

The project called “Enterprise Transformation Journey [EJT]’ which divided into 3 phases with ABeam’s unique Method and Industry Framework®,were implemented and help CKP complete projects on time, within budget, and to a consistent high quality. The first phase of ETJ is to identify the clients’ purpose and objective. Together we define the ideal state of the company and form a long-term approach then work together with the client to finalize transformation themes.

In second phase, ABeam helped CKP set up a Shared Service Center to streamline and supervise the operation of its subsidiaries and associated companies. ABeam also build people’s capability has underpinned CKP’s corporate philosophy and helped implement world-class enterprise resource planning software. 

Third Phase, ABeam creates a sustainable transformation by providing continuous support & Improvement, following the Kaizen concept.



ABeam Thailand provided a tailored unique approach


  • Commit to Real Change
  • Story out entire transformation with all integrated solutions
  • Work very closely with client
  • Not only design but working until client can independently execute and realize the benefit
  • Implement Kaizen infrastructure to sustain improvement


Impact of the Implementation and Future Vision

Adopt Shared Services Operating Model and Kaizen Way of Working

In 2019, CKP were able to transform into a modern company with efficient systems, while at the same time taking great care of all stakeholders, the society, and the well-being of staff.

“I think sustainable way to run the business takes pride in delivering sustainable growth. It was ABeam that created the new solution and new business process which is very successful and very much appreciated by our board of directors, our executives, and all our staff. I believe that we also benefit from this project in a way that our staff were able to step out of their comfort zone. The tailor-made package from ABeam makes such a stand out deliverable from other consulting firms in the world. Please keep this quality with you.” concluded by Mr. Thanawat.

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