ABeam Consulting unveiled enterprises facing with HR development challenges enterprises advised to choose integrated online training solution strategies with result-driven 

ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd, a global consulting company headquartered in Japan specializing in Digital Transformation, has found that most businesses have continued to have their employees work from home, from enforced precautions to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and potentially adapt to virtual working concept that allow employees work from anywhere. Continuous working online has thrown up new challenges for the business, in the matter of productivity, engagement and employee collaboration, and in HR development to upskill and reskill employees, while they have to deal with their works in a constantly changing business environment. It has also been found that employees have been de-incentivized by training sessions organized online. Yet employees’ development of skills, knowledge and capabilities cannot be neglected, especially in an enterprise undergoing Digital Transformation, because “people” are among the key factors driving the enterprise.


Mr. Ichiro Hara, Managing Director of ABeam Consulting Thailand, a subsidiary of ABeam Consulting Ltd., a global consulting company headquartered in Japan that specializes in digital transformation, disclosed that to meet the challenges of online HR development, ABeam recommended enterprises to consider integrated online training solutions. They enable any department to access training platforms from any location and at any time, while both trainees and the company’s HR development team are able to track the training progress.

“The world of work has been irrevocably altered by Covid-19. It is not just a change in lifestyles, but a complete transformation in working methods, as it has become the capability to Work from Anywhere and not just Work from Home. This way of working will continue; therefore, the enterprise must transform its strategies and deploy HR development tools to match new formats of working, both now and in the future,” said Mr. Hara.

Mr. Patrick Clenjans

Mr. Patrick Clenjans, Principal of Human Capital Management Business Unit in ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Co., Ltd., added that there were currently many online training solutions available to meet business needs, especially for enterprises doing Work from Home, or companies enabling their employees to work from anywhere. ABeam has chosen SAP Litmos, an online training platform for businesses, to promote employee learning and enhance their potential to learn more easily and quickly. It supports end-to-end learning processes, from training course management, and training course creation, training evaluations and measure results. Pre-packaged online content also available out from the shelf for business to use since day 1 and Litmos always updated new content every month to ensure that your employees are able to learn and catch up with new skills.

“The SAP Litmos platform enables learning, developing and employee training in the enterprise to coordinate with management, making it easy to add new courses to the platform. The Learning Management System (LMS) has been improved for greater efficiency, both for the trainee user with courses and content, and instant access to their training. As well as employees, the platform can also be deployed to customers, partners or suppliers, with access from a computer, a notebook or a tablet,” concluded Mr. Patrick.

SAP Litmos learning technology has won many awards for innovation and maintains standards for customer experience and satisfaction. There are now over 24 million users of SAP Litmos solutions in 150 countries and 35 languages.

About SAP Litmos: https://www.litmos.com

About ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd.

ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd. is a subsidiary of ABeam Consulting Ltd. –headquartered in Tokyo having 6,600 people serve more than 1,100 clients throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe providing consulting services in Thailand since 2005, ABeam Consulting (Thailand) has 400 professionals serving more than 200 clients in Thailand with expertise in digital transformation services that create strategic advantage, improve business processes, leverage technology innovation and enhance organizational performance with ERP and all other solutions including Management Consulting, Digital BPI, Data Analysis, IT project management and outsourcing for leading companies in Thailand.  Moreover, ABeam has been in a strong partnership with SAP and provided services by SAP-certified consultants to achieve clients’ transformation. ABeam partners with clients to diagnose and solve their real challenges with solutions that combine industry and operational best practices with technical expertise. Pragmatic approaches ensure that clients gain measurable value more quickly. With the management philosophy to be "Real Partner", ABeam provides real people, real solutions, and real results to ensure clients' success. For more information, please visit https://www.abeam.com/th/en.

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