ABeam advises "SAP Integrated Business Planning" as a quick win to cope with consumer behavior change in supply chain planning

ABeam Consulting (Thailand) unveiled key challenges in supply chain planning.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, consumer behavior has changed, impacting consumer demand.  Production and sales departments in various industries ranging from manufacturing to retail and distribution have been facing pressure to maximize profits and reduce cost to stay above the COVID-19 fluctuations while achieving customer satisfaction.

Mr. Ichiro Hara, Managing Director of ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd., a subsidiary of ABeam Consulting Ltd., a global consulting company headquartered in Japan that specializes in digital transformation, disclosed that the COVID-19 pandemic had changed consumer behavior, which impacted business operations especially for business planning. Some of the key business areas affected are production and sales departments, specifically for retail businesses as consumer behavior patterns changed in an instance. Consumers switched their purchase method from physical store visits to online shopping, started being more cautious with their spending on luxury items or even began stockpiling necessary goods.

Challenges in supply chain management are the slow response to demand changes, lack of workflow continuity, imbalance of demand and supply, and a missing visualization through dashboard, giving overall information for prompt decision making. With all those issues combined, business might fail to leverage the opportunity to adapt and to start generating new revenue streams.

ABeam has been working with SAP to provide various solutions to serve business challenges and to cope with consumer behavior changes for supply chain planning, the ’Starter Pack for SAP Integrated Business Planning‘ or SAP IBP – a solution integrating business planning processes — can take businesses to the next level, addressing dynamic and constantly changing market demands. 

In addition to serving as a demand planning tool, it allows all departments to collaborate efficiently without sending files back and forth and to be able to manage product life cycle. SAP IBP’s key features are project period minimization for quick wins, being a cutting-edge application with advanced processes such as forecasting utilizing machine learning, optimized planning by reducing planning efforts, as well as a refined PSI (Production, Sales, and Inventory) view.

“To introduce, give details and an initial business consultancy on the integrated business planning ’Starter Pack for SAP Integrated Business Planning‘, ABeam will host a FREE online Webinar via Zoom.  The agenda of the Webinar will cover market situation and supply chain trends, supply chain challenges, SAP IBP Starter Pack solution details, key benefits and our own use cases on March 18, 2021 at 2 PM. Especially management working in supply chain areas and in retail businesses are recommended to join the session,” said Mr. Hara.

In this webinar, ABeam’s SAP consultants will share industry insights and a use case delivered to help clients, while an SAP IBP Solution Advisor from SAP Thailand will share the current market situation and trends in supply chain management. For more information (agenda, speakers, etc.) and registration visit: https://bit.ly/2O8YOgH


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