ABeam-Thailand MD lectured on ASEAN Growth Strategy at “Asian Forum 2014”

Tokyo December 18, 2014 : Tokyo 2014/Dec./18 : Hiroyuki Aitani, Managing Director at ABeam Thailand, lectured on “ASEAN Growth Strategy – Competing in CLMV” at “Asian Forum 2014 – Mekong Economy” on November 6 in Tokyo. The forum was sponsored by NIKKEI Business and supported by ABeam,

ABeam Consulting supports the “Asian Forum” throughout 2014, and this round of the forum focused on Mekong. It is viewed as the area with great potential, consisting of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, on top of Thailand where Japanese manufacturing industry has established operation.

With many businesses assessing “Thailand + 1” operation by adding Mekong footprint onto existing Thailand operation, Aitani has supported such Japanese businesses expanding into Mekong. Other lecturers and speakers at the forum included numbers of executives and key persons from Mekong zone, and they and Aitani together drew high attention of audience.

According to Aitani, with AEC(ASEAN Economic Community) launch approaching in 2015, it is expected that continued infrastructure investment, including logistics infrastructure like Economic Corridor, will lead to new-born economic zone of “Thailand + CMLV”. He lectured how the economic zone would develop as a consumer market place. He also explained with local insight what Japanese businesses should do to capture opportunities, in response to the better-than-expected growth in consumer market place at Thailand’s remote cities and CLMV cities.

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