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ABeam Consulting (Thailand) Ltd. started its business in 2005 with a few consultants. But it has grown into a consulting firm with more than 100 employees (as of July 2013). We provide our services not only to our clients in Thailand but also to Japanese and other global companies and are positioned as the largest Japanese consulting firm here in Thailand.
We offer a variety of service menus from the area of so-called S&O, or support to strategies/operational reform/IFRS, to the support for the introduction of a main management system and for the operation and maintenance after the system start-up. Because of the expansion of the scale of our business, we have been relocating to a new office in October 2013. We insist on providing even better consulting services in the future and plan to continue to positively recruit English-Thai bilingual consultants in order to establish an organization of 200 employees.

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Support Client’s Growth────────
We Consistently Focus on the Client’s Growth and Work
not only for the Introduction of IT Systems but also for the Solution of Its Management Issues.

With the growth of the market, clients’ business challenges are becoming increasingly aggressive on a daily basis. We understand that it is our mission here in Thailand to flexibly follow the speed of growth and support such growth. With the scheduled establishment of the AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) in 2015, global companies are positively investing in Thailand as the world’s factory. In particular, it is not too much to say that it is the auto industry that supports the Thai economy, as it has a wide range of supporting industries. The industrial trend, however, is gradually changing, and the focus is shifting from the upstream production function to consumption with a high demand. The “customer touch point,” or how to understand and retain the end consumers, is increasingly becoming a major management issue. We will provide consulting services to realize the above, with the integration of the introduction of the main management system, which we have worked on so far, and the area of CRM as our main theme.

Ichiro Hara

Ichiro Hara
Managing Director

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