Customer Relationship Management

Providing comprehensive CRM solutions

We provide uniform consulting services that transform the full range of customer contact processes from customer strategy formulation to marketing, sales and customer service, and then go further to include systems solution implementation, entrenchment and change management.

Services provided by ABeam Consulting are directly contributing to greater sales and profits at numerous companies in all kinds of industries both domestic and overseas.

CRM consulting provided by ABeam Consulting encompasses five domains of service, making it the most comprehensive and innovative consulting service offered by any domestic Japanese consulting firm. Our CRM consulting professionals are richly experienced in every service field, enabling them to strengthen clients’ global competitiveness while helping sustain and expand their profitability.

Customer Experience Integration
Marketing Sales Customer Service
Customer Intelligence

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Services Customer experience integration

  • This service helps clients achieve their business goals by strengthening their responsiveness to customers. We accomplish this through numerous and diverse kinds of integration involving the critical channels that support contact between the client firm and its customers, business processes and IT systems.

    • Customer experience analysis support service
    • Digital × real channel integration/reinforcement support service
    • Integrated sales launch support service
    • Performance forecasting support service for action by sales support system (sales force automation [SFA] + infrastructure system)

Services Marketing

services Sales

  • Whether real or digital, we support sales transformations for the client that continually heighten customer engagement based on the accumulation and analysis of prompt, personalized customer experience data.

Services Customer service

  • We help the client achieve stronger customer relations through transformation to a next-generation contact center that integrates diverse contact channels, and by promoting transformation to a next-generation maintenance service that is responsive to customer needs and schedules.

    • Services covering the range from after-sale customer support to implementation for next-generation contact center operational design accompanying establishment of inside sales
    • Support services for the transformation to smart maintenance in the BtoB manufacturing industry
    • Implementation support service for customer-by-customer profitability management, addressing not just products and materials profit but also service profit
    • Contact center assessment support service for rapid identification of issues and review of response measures, as well as cost-effectiveness calculation

Services Customer intelligence

  • We provide total support for more sophisticated utilization of corporate data relevant to all aspects of corporate CRM from marketing to sales and service. State-of-the-art data analysis technology forms the basis for promotion of better customer understanding leading to the creation of measures and projects that generate concrete results.

Track record

Customer experience integration

domestic electronics manufacturer Product planning process transformation to generate customer value

    • Product planning/development process design to achieve deeper customer understanding and differentiation from the competition
    • Development of business processes for new-process product planning/development, as well as product concept design that goes beyond enhanced merchandise appeal to heighten the value of the customer experience itself
    • Visioning of interdepartmental cross-sectional information sharing, utilization and joint creation involving sales affiliates in their role as customer contact points

major travel firm Guest experience design visioning for visitors to Japan

    • Clarification of target customers through segmentation based on behaviors of visitors to Japan
    • Travel experience design support based on derivation of bad experiences (paint points) and good experiences (acceleration points) using the CEM methodology of ABeam Consulting
    • Comprehensive service planning and support for evaluation of feasibility, capability and innovativeness to help achieve the travel experience as designed
    • Phased infrastructure preparation plan design based on business partner selection and service evaluation to help make the intended services possible

major automotive manufacturer sales financing firm Omnichannel visioning support

    • Definition of six customer types using vehicle ownership need surveys, as well as development of basic customer experience hypotheses and any necessary redefinition of customer contact points
    • Customer experience-related evaluation of profitability (ROI) for each contact point, with definition of medium-term need for organizational capabilities and personnel requirements, as well as action plan formulation
    • Formulation of plan for task reduction at each sales location using business process task surveys of sales locations for omnichannel conceptualization

major automotive manufacturer sales financing firm Omnichannel requirements definition support

    • Support for omnichannel strategy design, process & operational rule definition based on organization cross-sectional customer data analysis with DWH/BI
    • Support in formulating an approach to digital channel utilization and digital content deployment roadmaps
    • Support for defining methods of customer journey analysis and issue-identification (acceleration/pain points) for corporate and individual customers

retail firm Omnichannel customer center construction support

    • Support for EC website customer center operations & IT systems construction: integration of multiple group business operations at a single EC site, and support for omnichannel systems construction enabling use by groupwide domestic stores and distribution networks
    • EC membership management, review of collaborative efforts by stores and distribution
    • Support for review to help establish high-quality online service


finance firm Finance industry business case formulation

    • Support for concrete partnership negotiations, conducted in tandem with online business visioning
    • Formulation of basic strategic scenarios for joint business operations
    • Online business operation systems and operational plan formulation

domestic credit card company Marketing automation visioning support

    • Formulation of evaluation criteria based on business strategy examination and ex-post evaluation of effectiveness, provision of evaluation standards for planning of marketing tactics and analysis of results
    • Establish processes and operations that eliminate reliance on individual skills/experience and expand operations, and bring visibility and improvement to procedures, tools and operational rules so as to increase the maturity of operational processes
    • Recommend systems/process optimization for the promotion of marketing automation
    • Contribute to fostering the marketing cycle from an integrative standpoint through an increase in numbers of promotional campaigns, more vigorous user promotional action, and optimization of human resource allocation

major domestic online bank Loyalty program visioning/implementation support

    • Visioning for a newly established loyalty program system (what kind of system to use, whether to encourage awareness of a phased structure, other system design support)
    • Incentive review support (what rewards should be established for higher status, etc.)
    • Communication plan formulation (what messages should be conveyed to what segments from the standpoint of top-line improvement, retention)

independent administrative corporation Loyalty program planning, implementation and analysis support

    • In order to attract more loyal customers, an optimal membership ranking structure was defined upon conducting digital and RFM analyses. In implementing a membership point-based incentive scheme, systems were designed for point award ratios, target users, periods of validity and bonus points, as well as customer center response and terms of use.
    • E-mail magazines were positioned as tools for communication with members, including an edition for general membership, and others for each membership rank. We supported PDCA analysis of measures to encourage member purchases and prevent customer defection.
    • The degree to which the point program contributed to sales was analyzed, and improvement measures were put in place to take effect the following fiscal year. As a result, the point program contributed several hundred million yen to sales, achieving two consecutive years of year-on-year growth.

independent administrative corporation Support for digitally-based new-customer promotional support

    • Design and analysis of implementation results for a digitally-based new-customer promotional system
    • Support included definition of new target demographics based on values segmentation, appropriate customer journey design, promotional approach, creative guidelines, and a revision of the role of media channels.
    • Non-advertising measures for attracting large numbers of customers (alliance with other firms’ membership organizations) were designed and executed.
    • New customers were attracted in excess of annual targets, contributing to achievement of the annual sales plan goals.

online educationonline education Support for group marketing implementation using digital data

    • Interviews were conducted to compile and summarize the details of actual digital marketing processes in place in each department. Differentials in operational levels that had emerged between departments were leveled for companywide integrated digital data management.
    • Web-based analysis tools previously contracted separately by each department were made uniform, cutting associated annual costs by 50%.
    • A trend toward redundancy in customer attraction between business operations was analyzed, and a mutually compatible system was constructed to promote digital cross sales and app sales.
    • Construction of a reporting dashboard created a setup that brought visibility and access to more than 400 digital specialists, as opposed to only two in the entire corporate group before.


major domestic telecommunications service provider Construction of a checking system to guarantee business rules

    • BRMS was used for an application registration check system for systematic processing and business rule separation.
    • System revision cost required in offering new services was cut by 1/4.
    • The cycle for offering new service specifications on the market was shortened from one month to several days.
    • A feedback & coaching system was constructed, enabling leaders at business headquarters and sales department managers to analyze data entered by sales personnel in real time.

major domestic lease company SFA system implementation to help strengthen sales capabilities for success

    • In order to strengthen management infrastructure to accomplish growth strategy goals, Microsoft CRM Dynamics was applied as an SFA system from three key perspectives: customer contact point enhancement, more powerful sales capability with more sophisticated sales techniques, and pursuit of more efficient business processes.
    • User interfaces adapted to their applications were provided in order to lighten the data entry burden for sales personnel.
    • The scheduling functions of the company-internal SFA system and MS Outlook e-mail system were linked for seamless internal schedule adjustments.
    • A back-up and coaching system was constructed.

major domestic warehousing & logistics firm SFA system implementation for more powerful sales capability

    • Support was provided for better sales visibility and more powerful sales capability through SFA in order to escape dependency on individual skills and techniques to meet customer needs with multiple service offerings.
    • SAP and CRM were utilized to achieve seamless links with infrastructure systems. The system was constructed in only three months.
    • An infrastructure base was prepared which made it possible to provide sales strategy and project information cross-organizationally for each individual customer (a department was established to provide horizontally organized strategy, sales support and planning)
    • Cross-selling opportunities were increased.

major domestic telecommunications service provider Corporate sales & mutually negotiable contract BPR visioning

    • In order to accomplish more realistic analysis, a careful inventory was taken of sales and management departments to determine the most pressing issues. Operational rules and processes for each subject business process conducted at company headquarters and the sales & management departments of branch offices were discussed in detail from the perspectives of planning, management and process.
    • From an analysis of the surrounding environment, the issues that need to be addressed for medium-term customer retention and expansion were broadly framed. An overview was established of the pressing issues, as well as those that would have to be addressed further down the road. A roadmap to phased transformation was then created.

major domestic machinery manufacturer Global sales process implementation/entrenchment support

    • The client being at a competitive advantage in terms of sales in developing countries, goals were set based on circumstances in each country, and action plans were produced while SFDC was used to enhance sales visibility.
    • Global sales process standards and KPI implementation promotion
    • In order to achieve well-entrenched use of autonomous systems, we coordinated directives from top management, links to evaluation systems, usability upgrades, reeducation, and thoroughgoing follow-up.
    • We took maximum advantage of the unique systems implementation characteristics of SaaS to generate smaller results immediately, and spread awareness of them early on to earn a favorable reaction from agency offices.

major domestic electronics manufacturer Global project management

    • In order to strengthen global sales capabilities and boost sales, we eliminated reliance on individual skills and experience from project management, setting standard global project management rules and operational processes.
    • We assisted in eliminating reliance on hunches in forecasting, and helped firmly establish user systems.
    • Microsoft Dynamic CRM was used to build a standard global project management system, and to provide information companywide.


domestic EC operational company Customer service system replacement support

    • In reconstructing the contact center system in line with a renovation of infrastructure systems, the related business processes and data were migrated and reception testing was supported. Very soon after system Go Live, stable customer response operations were achieved.

Customer service

financial firm Outbound call center quick assessment

    • We took into consideration the call list management and payment recovery processes peculiar to bill collection outbound call centers, in addition to the process specifications from the contractor, as we examined the relevant organizational, process and systems circumstances. We identified key issues, reviewed remedial measures and reported the results of a cost-cutting estimate.
    • We formed hypotheses for expense items for which a profit improvement could be expected to result from the call center PL. In just one month, we isolated key issues, reviewed remedial measures and performed a cost-cutting results estimate.
    • Personnel and systems operation costs were each reduced by about 25% per month, and we therefore proposed measures to realize cost reductions.

display device manufacturer Service BPR

    • Given intensified competition due to market expansion and the rise to prominence of developing countries, there was a need to generate profit not just from products, but services as well. A service menu suited to customers was therefore devised, and business infrastructure constructed.
    • Since the client was almost completely lacking in service business know-how and experience, we provided support for a relatively brief half-year effort to establish the business from the visioning stage.

major domestic precision machinery manufacturer After-sale service BPR

    • Business process/systems template construction based on SAP/CRM with a view to expansion globally and into other business fields
    • Product type requirements definition using ABeam Template

undisclosed Membership management operation start-up support, including card issuance and e-money service

    • Support for launch of services associated with card issuance for client with over 10 million members nationwide, additional e-money service launch and affiliate merchant management
    • Operational cost-cutting through revision of call center and back-office business processes and systems
    • Revision of service content through customer contact point revision, new channel construction
    • Business process operational support with review and execution of cost-cutting proposal, IT vendor management, transformation proposal and results measurement
    • Detailed examination of proposal from maintenance IT vendor (to confirm feasibility and effects)
    • Call center and back-office operational costs were cut by 25% through location integration and changes to systems architecture

major domestic electronics manufacturer Service process global rollout

    • Processes constructed in Japan to global standards were incorporated into ERP systems that included SAP/CRM implemented in the United States for a global management integration project, and overseas-standard templates were developed.
    • Implementation cost and time requirements were reduced through standardization. The systems were implemented at 55 overseas firms and are still in operation.

Customer Intelligence

major domestic insurer Improvement in customer base expandability, flexibility

    • Insurance enrollment patterns were analyzed: survey research was conducted regarding the selection process for insurance companies and products, as well as factors behind the decision to enroll.
    • To increase membership enrollment rates, marketing tactics were designed based on enrollment patterns revealed through analysis.

domestic EC operational company Improvement in customer base expandability, flexibility

    • Support for development of membership base and e-mail distribution systems for channel-seamless membership management, point management, business process migration, entrenchment
    • Improved data quality and search speed to enable the contact center to handle customers at a higher level of service
    • Establishment of systems to link to other firms’ customer bases, and to attract expected potential overseas customers

major domestic leasing firm Basic visioning for information systems reconstruction

    • DWH/BI systems reconstruction visioning support for infrastructure systems reconstruction
    • Sales, risk management and finance/accounting departments were given a unified source for data to increase the cross-organizational consistency of figures in use.
    • BI tool integration brought about a reduction in systems maintenance costs.
    • Finally, a Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC) was set up within the company to promote strategic utilization of information.

overseas apparel/fashion company Formulation & assessment of guidelines on personal information protection

    • Conducted/managed a project involving responsible parties and legal offices in six countries.
    • In order to ensure solid compliance by the client after the project, legal briefing reports were compiled for each country, and individual information protection guidelines were formulated.

major domestic telecommunications service provider Internal operational process launch and target customer analysis

    • Conducted/managed a project involving responsible parties and legal offices in six countries.
    • In order to ensure solid compliance by the client after the project, legal briefing reports were compiled for each country, and individual information protection guidelines were formulated.

major domestic gas company New business operation (retail electric power) plan design support with customer data analysis and marketing strategy formulation

    • We conducted customer data analysis to identify preferred customer demographics and design a marketing strategy for entry into the retail electric power business. We also supported the effort by formulating sales approach tactics based on the analysis results.
    • Scientific processing enabled us to successfully identify which customer segments should be prioritized from the standpoint of increased sales and customer retention.
    • Approximately ten categories were established through analysis of the characteristics of each segment. We designed content of promotional campaigns and sales talk for priority segments as part of our formulation of approach tactics.


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