Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2017-18

We are delighted to inform you that ABeam Public Relations Report 2017-2018 has been published, providing the viewpoints expressed by our frontline consultants on problem resolution and others.

ABeam Public Relations Report 2017-2018

Public Relations Report "ABeam" 2017-18

In this report, we present ABeam's perspectives in the form of a detailed a roadmap to transformation titled “Aiming to realize Connected Enterprises-- Five Viewpoints to Guide Companies to the Age of Digital Transformation.” In the Special Feature section, we adopt the key term “Digital×Global” in pointing the way forward for Japan and Japanese companies. In the Region Report section, we report on the latest developments in Shenzhen, also known as the “Red Silicon Valley.”

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Table of Contents

[Message from Management]
We aim to create Connected Enterprises via an ecosystem that transforms businesses

[ABeam Consulting’s Perspectives : Five viewpoints to guide companies to the age of digital transformation]
 - Acquiring a new competitive advantage in order to prevail in the age of digital revolution
 - AI model management holds the key to the stage of full-scale implementation
 - The true value of rapidly increasing digital labor
 - Connecting entire organization to tackle competitive structures that are being destroyed
 - IoT contributes to solving problems in the workplace and energizes Japanese manufacturing

[Special Feature : Digital x Global The meaning of present-day corporate management]
 - By generating business innovation, ABeam Cloud facilitates global competitiveness
 - Seizing the chance to win through “Global x Digital” The value of Japanese companies as revealed by J-CSV
 - By generating business innovation, ABeam Cloud facilitates global competitiveness

[Region Report from Shenzhen]
Shenzhen, the Red Silicon Valley, may be the epicenter of a new industrial revolution

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